Proof of Concept
Scaling MOON-based operations on the xDai chain.
The following sections detail our solution from different perspectives including general users, developers, and the larger community.
In our solution, we present a choice in the token distribution model depending on the preference to mint Subreddit points on Ethereum or the xDai sidechain.
  • xDai on-chain minting: MOONs (tMOONs) are minted on the xDai chain, and the points contract, distribution contract and subscriptions contract are whitelisted. This allows for 0 gas transactions for minting, claiming and transferring tokens on xDai. In this scenario, tokens would be bridged to Ethereum by users with an AMB extensions. A configurable fee monitor would charge users a small % to bridge tokens cross-chain. We use this method with our load testing example.
  • Rinkeby minting: Using the current tokens minted on Rinkeby, we provide an interoperability example with xMOONS, where MOONS on Rinkeby are bridged to xDai for transactional fluidity. We highlight this method with our TokenBridge interoperability demo and xMOON projects.
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