Technical Details

Github Repo - Load Scripts and Contracts

Our load scripts, runtime instructions and process are all available in the open-source repo at​

xDai General Information

Block Size
Block Speed
Gas price
Native token
Network ID
12,500,000 Gas
5 sec
1 GWei

JSON RPC endpoints

Main RPC is a load balancer with 4 nodes, health checks, and failover.
JSON RPC endpoint
WebSockets WSS endpoint
qDai JSON RPC endpoint:​

Reddit Contracts

xDai r/CryptoCurrency
xDai r/FortniteBR
qDai r/CryptoCurrency
Rinkeby r/CryptoCurrency
Rinkeby r/FortniteBR
Load Proxy Implementation
  • SubredditPoints (tMOONS): 0x106c8eBaD6D9A71c962Da4088721221de9BD4fB7
  • Distributions: 0x261edb4a78513048C28653B76eBcc31C8E25dEdD
  • Subscriptions: 0xC5733C28832Fcaa91aCc0ad1A6d26fB4aD6B385b
xMOONS xMOONS are a separate token (different than the tMOONS created specifically for the challenge). xMOONS are also bridged from Rinkeby MOONS. xMOONS are used to implement experimental features on xDai such as the and have their own tokenomics. See this section for xMOONS use-cases.
SubredditPoints via bridge (xMOONS): 0x1e16aa4Df73d29C029d94CeDa3e3114EC191E25A​
Demonstrating a continuous load of BRICK tokens on xDai:
  • SubredditPoints: 0xa11EB409088692B53b4b71412Df344173b27c1DC
  • Distributions: 0x516D204A46e9D614a35ee7494E1d67f5D0537253
  • Subscriptions: 0x40DA8D878D5BbD568398163f28956030773F0957
qDai MOON Load Implementation
  • SubredditPoints: 0xE06Db2BF2A5A29B3B91e026D06b2cA1E306d7bf5
  • Distributions: 0xBd5a444fADDC823c0f17B1f3cF9a2F231e85eD1C
  • Subscriptions: 0x31D652237926A74c30a5f8CD138Ecd2Bd4B58e0e
Contracts for reference:
Contracts for reference:


Following are implementation addresses for MOON (tMOON) tokens (proxy contracts above) on xDai. To get the JSON ABI, go to the BlockScout address, scroll down and press Copy ABI.


An Arbitrary Message Bridge is deployed between Rinkeby & xDai allows cross-chain transfers.
Token transfers are enabled through a bridge extension (a set of mediator contracts). Bridge extensions may be deployed on top of the AMB for specific transfer functionality. The deployed mediator contracts do not require a set of oracles to be setup.
Extension details for MOON <-> xMOON tokens between Rinkeby and xDai.
Extension details for BRICK <-> xBRICK tokens between Rinkeby and xDai.
AMB Live Monitoring app:

qDai Experimental Chain

More information on qDai and qDai interoperability is available here.​

Additional Technical Resources

  • ​xDai developer resources includes more information about tooling, interoperability and available 3rd party integrations.
  • ​Rinkeby <-> xDai TokenBridge Documentation. TokenBridge docs show how to deploy mediators for tokens and move them between chains.
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