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    Transfer MOONS from the Reddit Vault to MetaMask to enable additional functionality
  2. 2.
    Bridge MOONS between Rinkeby & xDai
  3. 3.
    Use BlockScout Explorer to initiate subscriptions, claims and transfers.
  4. 4.
    Navigate the Splunk Dashboard
  5. 5.
    BONUS: Additional xMOON use-cases by Austin Griffith

1. Transfer MOONS to MetaMask

While this will not be necessary for the solution, we show this process for users who want to engage with ecosystem tools and xMOONs like xmoon.exchange. Two methods are presented - using the seed phrase to replicate a vault and transferring tokens to an existing MetaMask wallet.

2. Bridge MOONS between Rinkeby and xDai

We show how to use a custom Burner Wallet extension to move MOONS between Rinkeby and xDai. This uses the underlying TokenBridge technology and gasless transactions (0 fees) to transfer xMOONS back to MOONS.
xMoon Token Contract Address: 0x1e16aa4Df73d29C029d94CeDa3e3114EC191E25A

3. Use BlockScout Write Proxy functionality to claim distributions and process subscriptions

Here we show how to interact with Reddit contracts deployed to xDai, including claiming transactions, and setting up subscriptions, all with 0 gas fees. This is meant to highlights functionality that may incorporated into a Reddit Vault wallet or other UI and is accessible now on xDai.
Proxy Contract Addresses for Reddit Functions:

4. Navigating the Splunk Dashboard

The Splunk team walks through their solution and some of the metrics they collected during load testing. A live dashboard monitoring continuous load is available here.

5. BONUS: xMOONs in the Wild with Austin Griffith!

xMoon Exchange DEX for xMOON liquidity
xMOON game teaser
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